Thursday, 19 April 2012

Online editors using SVG

Could be used in a hi-fi prototype and maybe in a finished application since it outputs XML.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feedback from Presentation

  • How are we going to incorporate motivational aspects into our design? ie, what encouragement/inducement is there for the child to attempt the task
  • How are we going to encourage completion of tasks?
    • Introducing an element of competition?
    • Reward completion of tasks (some kind of area where avatars of those completed are shown?) Reward for completing the task early?
  • Encourage working as a class
    • Generate some kind of end piece based on whole class' work (collage? T-shirt design?)
  • How are we going to make it fun?
    • Avatars? Changing based on progress?
  • How are we going to facilitate the process of learning beyond what a standard application of this type does?

It was considered that we could produce a mind map to expand some of these ideas.

Also we discussed removing the 'like,' button from the entry of the person who wrote it in order that they cannot 'like,' their own work.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hierarchical Task Analysis

Link to HTA

PACT Analysis

Key Points

  1. The mental state of the students at the time of undertaking the task will affect their ability to engage with it
  2. The design of the site must as far as possible minimise the potential for errors
  3. The system must accommodate users who have never used an online learning tool before, as well as not getting in the way of more experienced users
  4. Users who have a physical/mental impairment should be catered for
  5. The physical environment will produce many distractions for the student undertaking a task
  6. There will likely be many other students in the near vicinity
  7. The system must remove the possibility of cyber-bullying
  8. Any usernames/passwords required for the system should be recoverable
  9. Communication between student and computer should as far as possible be seamless
  10. Activities may be undertaken individually, by a group, or as a class.